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    Michael P. Moriarty

    Social Media Professional/Educator, also specializing in Food Photography, Event Photography, Product Photography, Websites, SEO, Off-Site and On-Site, Graphics, Google +, Photoshop, Twitter, Facebook Pages, Facebook Admin, Youtube, WordPress, E-Commerece, Pinterest, Foursquare, Instagram, Etsy, Empire Avenue, and more. Located in Tucson, Arizona


    Call: 520-820-1385 Email: Michael@msqrd2.com



    You are doing Social Media, right? You know you are supposed to because everyone says so, right? Yet, you are not sure if you are doing it right. Right? Just showing up doesn’t cut it, especially if you expect to monetize your efforts. You know the “Why”, we will teach you the “Where, What, When, and How” of getting the best returns. We can even provide email or phone support with our Monthly Maintenance Plan. Don’t have the time to learn, or don’t want to? Talk to us about our Social Media Management Plan.

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    Social Media is like playing in the neighborhood game. Other people are making the rules. Knowing the rules allows us to play with a home court advantage! Not playing by the rules may keep you from winning. As your needs change, we are there to meet those needs and inform you of moves that can propel you forward faster. With our Monthly Maintenance Plan, we will teach you what you need to do. With our Social Media Management Plan, we’ll do it for you.


    “Build it and they will come” worked great in the movies. It won’t work for you. Like SEO, traffic must be led to your Social Media sites. We are good at that. We won’t sit around and wait for future customers; we will show them where you are. We connect you to the right traffic for your business. You will see results almost overnight. You will be interacting with your “target market” and growing engagement quickly. Too busy serving new customers? Our Social Media Management Plan will keep the pipeline full of future customers.
    Have a menu, but no pictures? People eat with their eyes first. Hosting or attending an event? Need photos to promote your food? Advertising or creating brochures? Our photos will make them want to eat your food! Creating a cookbook, want to sell recipes or products on etsy and more? Contact Me!
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    Wings for Women. August 13, 2012 To Whom It May Concern: My name is Nadia Valle and I am the Founder and President of Wings for Women, a 501c3 organization that empowers women to break the cycle of hopelessness and lead healthy and productive lives. We assist homeless women with or without children to get back on their feet by providing support with vocational training, job search, parenting, reunification with their families, financial literacy and a home search once they have completed the program and are ready to begin their second chance in life. Michael Moriarty began assisting us with the set up and maintenance of our Facebook page. As a non-profit, we are constantly adding events and announcements to share with the community and Mr. Moriarty has done an amazing job at keeping the community updated and our page looking beautiful. Mr. Moriarty is very knowledgeable about the ins and outs of technology and a guru on Facebook applications. We are very fortunate to have Mr. Moriarty’s support in our endeavors. Sincerely, Nadia Valle

    Contributing Photographer

    Social Media
    If you want it done – call Mike. Sounds like a commercial, but never seen anyone work so fast and professionally on a daily basis when it comes to social media, making the links, and connecting the dots. He’s on top of your project whether on the East or West coast. Had my FB page performing in the top 95% in a very short time. James Vollbracht Educational Speaker, Author & Trainer Author of the following books:

    Social Media

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